Have you ever wondered who you really are and what you are here to do? And most of all: how you’d best put that into action?

This Human Design assessment does not require a long questionnaire! As a matter of fact, creating the assessment will only take a few minutes on your part. It is the foundation for our coaching work together.

‘Thank you again, Marije! What a wonderful gift you give with your insight and guidance through this amazing information…definitely very useful and enlightening.’ -Elizabeth

Depending on your desire we can choose to focus on your life’s Purpose: a process which many experience as deeply transformational. Additionally, we can focus on your business strengths, your skills and the environments you work best in.

Learn how to use of your intuition as a guide in business

In customized sessions, I will show you exactly how your intuition speaks to you, and what masquerades as intuition, so you can easily know what to trust, and what to safely ignore.  Some of the areas we will cover are:
– how you receive intuitive messages, and how it’s different from other people around you
– the strategies to follow to make decisions that are right for you
– which decision-making strategies will fail you, and should be ditched forever
– how to tell the difference between your real intuition, false messages, and emotional reactions, and use all to your best advantage…

In a time where we are overwhelmed with choice, knowing how to navigate this freedom is pure gold! Sessions can be recorded for your benefit.

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