Marije Coach 8x3Hello and thank you for joining me. I created Vibrant Women after I started my own journey many years ago. At that time I realized there was much more to me than I dared showing the world. Over the course of my life I have had many experiences: from immigrating from The Netherlands to the US, to marriage, divorce and remarriage, to being employed, self-employed and both, to traveling the world and finally settling down and creating roots for my daughters…

These many changes in my life have shown me my inherent courage and strength, something I recognize in the many women I meet when traveling all over the US. Often we women use this strength on a daily basis without even realizing it. We take care of our family, our parents, our work and keep the household running smoothly. All the while we forget our relationship to ourselves. Until something happens that makes us realize we sold ourselves short. Suddenly we find ourselves on this Journey, one that teaches us more about our dreams, our loves, our desires and our gifts.

This Journey is what Vibrant Women is all about. About learning and recognizing and reconnecting with ourselves and daring to share your true self with the world. Yes, it is about change, but one that you shape with deep care and grace.

My work has always revolved around motivating and supporting others to live the life they love. Most often, this includes learning to be gentle with ourselves.

As a CCE Board Certified Coach with an interest in many spiritual practices, I feel honored to be part of your Journey. I am a HeartMath® Coach and Trainer, a Human Design Consultant, Reconnective Healing® and Reconnection® Practitioner, a Core Dynamics Trainer and Certified Comprehensive Coach.

As a member of several coaching organizations I adhere to the Codes of Ethics of the Center of Credentialing and Education (CCE), International Coach Federation (ICF) and The International Association of Coaches (IAC)